My extensive travel experience includes luxury and budget travel, adventure and nature travel, multi-sport tours, organized tours, eco-tours, exotic travel, national parks, all-inclusive resort destinations, cruising, and recreation and leisure (skiing, golfing, hiking, etc.). I place a high emphasis on Health & Wellness and Physical Fitness for all travelers, especially Baby Boomers.  Contact me for more information...

Let me help you produce results and see your business grow!

Here are some of the services I provide:


Direct Mail Writer

Web Writer:

  • Web Content Copy (Home Page, Landing Page, etc.) with an emphasis on SEO and keywords to drive traffic to your website
  • Web Creation & Design / Consulting (assist with the look and design of your website and navigation pages)
  • Web Review / Consulting
  • Basic Web Design

Travel Writing

  • All types / variety of travel writing with a focus on adventure travel, skiing & local travel (staycations, day trips, recreation and leisure, etc.)
  • Emphasis on Health & Wellness and Physical Fitness
  • Web and print

Travel Blog


I have a keen eye for detail and have had extensive experience proofreading in diverse areas:

  • Technical, business proofreading (financial market)
  • Local newspaper (Canarsie Courier)
  • Friends, family
  • Books:  How you're always getting ripped off and why you're always going broke.  The Secrets of an Intelligent Consumer.  Always pay the least for anything and live well in any financial climate.    

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